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Desktop by BootlessInWonderland Desktop by BootlessInWonderland
Haha here is my "desktop" :b

Well.. let me tell you something about it xD :

:bulletblack: First we see mah awesome books ! They are arranged in genres.
1) Art history 2) Tales ! (e.g. Biiiig book with Edgar Allen Poe's stories) 3) Collection of Paulo Coelho books 4) Some of my vampire literature ! 5) My books about ancient Egypt ! 6) my "spiritual" books.

:bulletblack: Then we have my CD collection ^^ aaah ! love them all ^^ !!

:bulletblack: Hahaha and now it's time to tell you about my two skulls called Shakespeare and Socrates !
Well... not much to tell actually... but.. they are my two skulls and they are ALWAYS arguing about weiiird stuff !! tsk tsk.. funny skulls they are .. I don't really understand them.. but whatever.. as long as they are just sitting on their shelf and doesn't disturb me I all happy ^^

:bulletblack: The little Chinese lantern is bought in a little cosy Chinese shop in Copenhagen.

:bulletblack: The two small weird looking robots are "massage robots" ..ahhh...always helps my sore back !

:bulletblack: ah ! my magnetic board ! I LOVE IT !!! SO full of memories !!! Memories from holidays to different country's.
And it is full of stuff that has a special meaning for me as a person !

:bulletblack: My little sarcophagus is bought on the Louvre (in Paris if you shouldn't know :P) and it contains my favourite pieces of jewellery.

:bulletblack: and now... my old old old Packard Bell Computer... BELIEVE ME !!! - She's going to retire in about a year.. unless she dies of natural causes -.- ...

:bulletblack: My iPod touch :heart: !! I can't live without it !!! :heart: !! And hell yeah my iPod is sexy :flirty: !!

:bulletblack: hahaha.. My...scanner... is.. lazy xD !! Just sleeps for weeks and weeks xD !! (explanation : I never really use my scanner ^^ .. only at seldom occasions ^^)

:bulletblack: Muhahahaha my eeeevil cell phone !!!! ...hmm ... why it's evil ?? uhm... I dunno ...

:bulletblack: and last... - my Wacom !!! (tihi it's a bit shy :giggle: ) !!!
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